Technical Director

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    Тернопіль Тернопіль Тернопіль Тернопіль , Україна Україна Україна Україна
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    за домовленістю
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    5 місяців тому
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    IT & Computer
  • Кінцевий термін:
    Березень 26, 2021

We offer work on cool large-scale projects in the leading group of IT companies!

Conditions for your success:

  • Decent compensation that will allow you to focus on project development and career growth
  • A strong team, passionate about their business, with whom to learn
  • Challenging and interesting tasks: real-world practice in innovative product development
    and scale-up services for customers with unlimited geography
  • Professional growth and development: various forms of in-house training, access to useful
    literature, English courses, participation in key events of IT industry
  • Comfortable working conditions: office with all conveniences and facilities and flexible working hours, with a 24-day paid vacation
  • Health care: the ability to visit a massage parlor right in the office; running, football, basketball and other sports (the cost is partially offset by the company)

Professional demands:

  • 5 or more years of management experience
  • 5 or more years of API or REST API experience
  • Data migration or management experience
  • PHP 5 experience
  • MySQL experience
  • MVC understanding
  • Understanding what ORM is
  • Understanding of client-server applications’ work and the Internet functioning principles
  • Knowledge of Linux on command line level


  • Managing a growing team of data engineers
  • Crafting and refining processes to drive strong customer satisfaction
  • Coordinating with other teams to improve data migration projects 
  • Work with the Data2CRM service as an administrator
  • Making changes and improvements to the service using PHP / MySQL / Linux knowledge
  • Working with CRM of our clients
  • Resolving customer technical issues, finding solutions, and assisting with the service
  • Assisting and consulting of other technical support and customer support staff


  • GIT experience (preferred)
  • Zend Framework 2 experience
  • OOP experience
  • PHPUnit experience
  • Linux / FreeBSD administration experience
  • Knowledge of English at sufficient to read the technical documentation level

PS: You will do all this in a comfortable, air-conditioned office with coffee, tea, fresh fruit and get decent money for it!It is important for us that aims and values go together, the rest will be gained!