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Shopping Cart Diagnostics - Know Exactly When Your Site is Down

Shopping Cart Diagnostics is a one-of-its-kind solution designed to make your online store error-free! This online service will analyse all types of inaccuracies and issues within your shopping cart, store website, and even customer behavior to provide you with timely and precise resolution scenarios. Shopping Cart Diagnostics will troubleshoot all your store errors to make your online business experience even more risk-free!

Available for Multiple Shopping Carts

Shopping Cart Diagnostics is compatible with all the major shopping carts out there. Check out the full list of supported carts now and diagnose your store for all types of errors in a matter of seconds!

Website Monitoring

  • Accessibility and Availability check
  • Website Performance check
  • Content check

Store Configuration Monitoring

  • Database Structure error check
  • Configuration File check
  • File / Folder Permission check

Server Environment Tracking

  • Up-to-Date Shopping Cart Version check
  • OS, PHP, MySQL check
  • Specific PHP Option and Directive check

Store User Experience Monitoring

  • Store Checkout check
  • Customer Registration and Login check
  • “Add to Cart” check

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